Questions about Salt Damp

Every day we get asked the same Questions about Salt Damp.

Firstly, our customers want to understand what Salt Damp is? And they are also curious as to why Salt Damp is such a problem here in South Australia.
To answer these questions and more we have put together a refresher video (with some help from the lovely Lucy Cornes of She Shopped).

Salt Damp is the same as Rising Damp, but here in South Australia, our problem is amplified due to the high content of salt in our soil partly due to a large amount of land we cleared in our early settlement days.   As moisture from the ground underneath your wall is drawn up and into it so is the salt. And it is these salts that crystallise in the surface of the wall causing damage to your mortar, bricks and stone.

Some Signs to look for:

  If you are concerned that your home has salt damp, there are some signs that you can look for:

  • Wet patches that start at the base of your wall and gradually move upwards in a vertical fashion.
  • Skirting boards or plaster that is damp or rotting.
  • Plaster on your walls that is blistering and flaking awayOutside your home, you may notice that:
  • The mortar between your stone and bricks has disappeared.
  • The stones/ bricks are flaking, and dust falls from the wall when you brush it with your hands.
  • White salt stains that appear on your bricks/stones.

Why Tech-Dry SA?

Here at Tech-Dry, we have treated thousands of bungalows, cottages, villas and, for more than 30 years. We are passionate about preserving our state’s heritage and the homes built by our ancestors. Additionally, renovating and restoring homes is far more environmentally friendly than demolishing and starting anew.

We offer free onsite inspections in all areas.  Neil and David will come out and provide an honest and accurate assessment.  And they will quote you a complete solution including the treatment and the follow-up repairs.We employ a team of qualified and experienced technicians, plasterers and stonemasons.  This means we can make sure that your job is completed to exacting standards.

Tech-Dry SA is a proudly South Australian, family owned company. We are fully licenced and insured and we use an Australian-made water-based product.

Still have Questions about Salt Damp?

You can contact us here or call our office on 81321166 to organise an inspection at your home.