Salt Damp Free Inspection and Quote

Salt damp in your home isn’t something to fear or shy away from. At Tech-Dry SA we offer treatment solutions that are suitable for all homes. Our work can be completed in stages to assist in keeping costs down.

Furthermore, getting on top of your salt damp and repairing the damage when you first notice it can help you to avoid expensive issues later on.

We completely understand, however, that it can be quite a confusing and scary time. That’s why, from your initial contact with us in the office to when you receive your quote on email, we try to make sure the process is pain-free and that you understand how best to treat and repair your home.

How can I make an appointment?

To make an appointment you can either call our office (on 81321166) or email us (by clicking here). A quick chat with Kim or Kate will determine if we can help (based on factors such as the age of home and location of the damp). If we can help, a suitable day and time is organised for your free inspection and quote. (We pride ourselves on being on time).

What happens during our Free Inspection and Quote?

Once on site our estimators, Neil or David will ask you to show them the areas of concern. They will determine if the issue is in fact Salt Damp (and not an issue caused by drainage, plumbing, backfill or another issue). And they will then assess things like the height of damp, how far spread the issue is and what damage (if any) has been caused to both your plasterwork and external walls.

They will measure up the affected walls and then discuss with you what they propose as a suitable course of action. They will discuss (and answer any questions) about the entire process. The treatment, the product we use, and the followup repairs that we will undertake inside and outside. An indication of price can also be given at this time.

During this time, they may also identify areas of your home that you will need to repair to prevent other damp issues such as leaking gutters, blocked downpipes or drainage issues.

Once they have finished they will draw up a diagram of the affected areas and put their recommendations into a written fixed price quote. This will be emailed to you approx 3 -5 business days after they have been on site.

Why Tech-Dry SA?

I think that is probably the most important question here – why trust us to undertake a free inspection and quote in your home.

Firstly, because of our experience. Both Neil and David have been inspecting and treating salt damp now for over 20 years. They both have a vast amount of experience assessing homes and heritage properties throughout all areas of South Australia. They are both specialists in Heritage. We can work with you to determine the best heritage outcome for your property.

Secondly, we have a Builders Licence, we are fully insured and all of our staff have Police Checks. We are members of the HIA and Master Builders Association of South Australia. We are also on the SA Government register for Heritage Approved Contractors.

Thirdly, it is entirely free (even if you don’t have salt damp). Our time and the advice given comes with no obligation, charge or hard sell. No dodgy tactics or incentives just honest advice based on our experience.

Most important, we will only quote you if you have salt damp!

Still, need some more information? Check out this video of the free inspection we did at the 1910 home of Lucy Cornes from She Shopped.