Case Study: Salt Damp Treatment Colonel Light Gardens

Location: Colonel Light Gardens

Type of Home: 1920’s Bungalow – Red Brick

Project Manager: David Bonneveld

Issue: Considerable damage to the bricks  on the external perimeter of the house  due to long term salt damp.

Solution: Tech-Dry placed a waterproof barrier to stop further moisture rising up the walls.   The client then waited 3 months to allow time for trapped moisture and salts to evaporate to the surface.   Tech-Dry then repaired the external façade of the home.

Details from David:

“At the clients request we inspected the property to identify the issuess causing damage to the base of theirs walls.  After a process of elimination we were able to determine that the damage was caused by ongoing rising damp and salt attack.  Due to the age of the home there was no existing damp proof barrier at the base of the walls. We provided the client with a fixed priced written quotation to stop the rise of moisture and salts and repair the walls.

Due to the amount of deterioration of the existing mortar we needed to provide the client with a quote to repoint and repair all of the affected areas.

We began firstly with the Tech-Dry injection treatment which involves injecting the base of the walls with the Tech-Dry damp coursing cream.

As specified the client then left the walls for the required 3 month dry out period

After the 3 month dry out period, the client contacted us to discuss the cost of the mortar repairs. They were seeking a cheaper option than repointing all affected areas.
Together with the client we decided to render the lower band of the house. This would not only provide them a very different look to their home but also save them up to $3000 on masonry repairs.

The overall effect speaks for itself and the customer’s satisfaction was well worth the effort”

From the Client:

“We are thrilled and delighted with the entire process and connection we had with Tech-Dry…. everything went so smoothly and the workmen were friendly and courteous and left each day after cleaning up, leaving no mess at all.

After having the dampcourse inserted, and then bricks rendered below the corbel our 1920’s Heritage Bungalow looks absolutely amazing.

We highly recommed this company… perfect from beginning to completion…. Full marks for a magical transformation. ”

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