Salt Damp FAQ

Tech-Dry’s Salt Damp FAQ is a small list of some of the most common questions our staff get asked every day. Hopefully these help to answer some of your questions as well.

Is there a charge for a quotes?

Absolutely not.  They are completely free in both the Adelaide Metro area and South Australian regional areas.  And unlike some other companies if there is no sign of salt damp or if the damp issue is a result of a leak we do NOT charge you, the client, anything.

What is Salt Damp?

Salt Damp is an issue that effects masonry walls and can cause them to  to describe the issue of Rising Damp and Salt Attack.  It can also be known as Rising Salt Damp – Check out this page for more information.

Is it always Salt Damp?

No, not all damp problems in the home are Salt Damp, your home could be suffering from such issues as falling damp, lateral damp, condensation, lack of ventilation – check out our blog post

Will maintenance of my property help in the first instance? 

Absolutely, home maintenance is vitally important and simple things like drainage, ensuring the gutters are clean and free from debris and skylight maintenance is maintained can all help to make sure your home remains free from damp. Our blog has some details on this.

What can I expect from  Tech-Dry?

  • Fixed Price Written Quotation of all stages
  • 30 years experience
  • Fully experienced and qualified employees including Solid Plasterers, Brick Layers and Stonemasons
  • Builders Licence
  • Public Liability Insurance of 20 Million Dollars
  • Employees that have Police Clearances and DCSI Clearances
  • Pride in what we do and respect for your home.

I am about to renovate – when should I get the salt damp treated?

You should get the treatment done first! We cannot stress how important it is to get the treatment (the new damp proof course) in at the beginning of the renovation. Every wall has a “dry-out” time between treatment and repairs.   So you can’t re-plaster a wall the following week after treatment.  Getting the treatment done first means that at the end of the renovation you are ready to go with the plastering. If you leave the first stage too long then you will be delaying your finish as you wait the required dry out time.

How much does it cost to fix Salt Damp?

People often have misconceptions surrounding the price of Salt Damp treatment so the short answer is no, it’s not expensive. And it can be broken into stages to make the treatment options more affordable.  Need a bit of a price guide – then check out our blog post by clicking here. 

What product do you use?

We use our own Australian-made Water-Based Siloxane Cream.

Can I live in the house when it is being fixed?

Most definitely. The Tech-Dry SA damp coursing cream is a safe, water-based, VOC free product. There are no nasty solvents, there is no odour and subsequently little mess.  Our trained and experienced technicians endeavour to make the experience as easy and painless for our customers as they can.

Can you treat the wall from one side only?

It is possible to treat the wall from one side only in most cases. Our estimator will discuss this with you at the first inspection.

Can the work be done in stages?

Absolutely. A part of our free quote and inspection involves our estimators assessing the needs of the house along with your needs and then determining the areas that need to be treated first. We only recommend treating the areas that really need it and can often recommend the rooms or areas that can wait a couple of years.  Likewise, the followup repairs need a minimum wait time of 3-6 months before they can be completed.

Can Tech-Dry repair the damage as well?

Absolutely, we employ a team of plasterers and stone and brick masons who can help to restore your home to its former glory.   Check out this page for more information

Is there a better season in the year to treat Salt Damp?

It is never a good idea to wait before fixing your salt damp.   And treatment can undertaken at any time of the year.  You need to keep in mind that often you need to wait 6 months before getting the plastering and/or stonework done, so if you wanting the house to look amazing before the In-Laws come at Christmas then starting it sooner rather than later would always be the answer.

Thanks for reading our Salt Damp FAQ.   We hope it helps to answer some of your questions but also realise you will many of your own.   Why not give us a call on 81321166 and we our experienced staff can help with all of your questions.