Is it Salt Damp? – A Quick Checklist

Have you seen some damage to your walls and thought “Is it Salt Damp?”, then this Checklist is just for you.

So grab your IPad, load this checklist, and start to have a look around your home.  Start at the beginning.   Are the first 3 statements true?  If not, then it is unlikely the issue is Rising Damp and Salt Attack but another form of damp. But don’t despair … give our office a call on 813221166 and we can try and assist you further or point you in the right direction.

If they are true then keep reading.   Do any of the Exterior and/or Interior statements match the issues you are seeing around your building?  If yes, jump on your phone and give us a call.  We can get your sorted in no time at all.

Is it Salt Damp? – Firstly:

  •  Was the property built before 1978?
  • Is there an obvious damp proof barrier at the base of the wall between foundation and bricks? This could be black plastic, kiln fired bricks or tar. If one exists does it appear to be functioning?
  • Are the symptoms occurring on the first floor of the building only – Is the damp below eye level?

Is it Salt Damp? – Exterior Signs:

salt damp on external brick wall

  • Exterior damage to wall (as mentioned below) from ground level to maximum height of about 1m
  • Brick faces have “blown” off or crumbled away
  • Stones have begun to crumble and erode
  • Gaps between bricks and /or stones begin to appear
  • Mortar is “dusty” and / or crumbling between your stones and or bricks.
  • A dark or wet stain is evident at the base of the wall (particularly during wet weather)
  • Vents appear to be clogged with dirt / mud or there are no vents at all visible in wall or partially covered by paths or paving.
  • Render is bubbling or breaking away from the wall surface.
  • White furry salts (efflorescence) is appearing on the wall

Is it Salt Damp? – Interior Signs:

salt damp on internal wall

  • Plaster inside is damp and /or bubbling and breaking away from the wall surface
  • Paint inside is damp and / or bubbling and blistering off the wall.
  • Tide line or a line of moisture appears at the base of your wall.
  • Wall is beginning to discolour
  • White furry salts (efflorescence) is appearing on the walls
  • Skirting boards are beginning to rot or appear damp
  • Damage and / or dis-colouration is appearing at the base of the walls up to a maximum height of about 1m
  • Damage is not localised to a small patch behind a bathroom / toilet / laundry / kitchen

Think you may have salt damp then give us a call or click here and we can arrange a time to come out for a free inspection.

General Notes:

The above information is a guide only. Often these signs could indicate a different damp related issued. It is therefore best to always consult with a professional and request a free onsite inspection. At the time of inspection they will be able to determine if you have a problem with Salt Damp and the best means of rectifying the issue.

Be very wary of contractors who are happy to quote over the phone to fix a salt damp issue without inspecting your property. It will be impossible for them to advise over the phone if it is salt damp or an issue from a pipe leak, roofing issue, lateral damp or sub-floor ventilation.