Salt Damp Strata / Real Estate Specialists

With 10’s of 1000’s of properties in Adelaide experiencing issues with Salt Damp it is also a common issue seen by Strata Companies, Real Estate Agents and Property Managers.  As Salt Damp Strata / Real Estate specialists for the past 30 years,  we have established a large database of strata companies and real estate agents.    We value these clients and understand the importance of the confidential nature of our relationship with them.

We also appreciate the sometimes complicated nature of a Strata, Property Manager, Owner and Tenant relationship.  Our aim is to make the salt damp treatment process as painless for all parties involved as we possibly can.

Why trust Tech-Dry SA?

Tech-Dry SA has been successfully diagnosing and treating Salt Damp in South Australia for over 30 years.    And over this time we have treated thousands of unit blocks, maisonettes and homes.

Our free salt damp inspection and quote applies to all situations; strata, real-estate and even pre-purchase.

For your company’s protection, client’s protection and for the safety of our staff our business adheres to the following:

  • We have a Builders Licence:  BL51382
  • We have Insurance –  20 million public liability.
  • Our employees have DCSI Police Clearances
  • Our employees adhere to our company’s strict Work, Health and Safety policy. We tool tag all electrical equipment.   A SWMS is available onsite.
  • We use a non-hazardous, water based product that has no odour.

Copies of any required documents can be provided to our clients as requested.

The First Step – A free inspection and quote. 

Once our office receives a quote request, we will contact the relevant parties (property managers or tenants) to organise a suitable inspection time.

We guarantee that no information is discussed with the tenant during our inspection. Once the inspection is complete our estimator will contact you via email, within 5 working days.   And he will email you either: a non-quotation report which will advise why in his professional opinion the issue isn’t salt damp and what it could be.    Or he will send you through a fixed price written quotation to treat and repair the Salt Damp.

How we fix the problem?

Firstly, we install a new barrier at the base of the walls to stop further damp and salts rising into the wall.   To install the new barrier we drill a series of small holes from one side of the wall,  and inject the Tech-Dry cream into the wall.  This spreads to create the new barrier.   We continue until our technicians are 100% sure that saturation has been achieved.  Our technicians will then “tack” back on any skirting boards that needed removal. The area is also left clean and as we found it.

Secondly, a 3 – 6 month dry out period follows before the specified and required repairs can be undertaken.     Our written quote will detail the extent of repairs our estimators feel are essential to assist with the removal of existing damp and salts from within the walls.

Each stage is only undertaken on receipt of a work order and we co-ordinate times and dates with all parties involved.   In addition,  where information is provided we will also forward emails to the tenants with tips to explain the process and any preparation required.

Finally, the Tech-Dry system is guaranteed for 30 years where all specified work is undertaken by Tech-Dry SA and any subsequent recommendations are completed.

To request an inspection please email: or click here to contact us. 


  • We do not attend and quote on salt damp at the request of a tenant. The request must come from the property owner or those requested by the owner to look after the property.
  • We only inspect and check for Salt Damp. If the issue should be inspected by another service e.g. plumber, roofing expert etc we will advise.
  • We cannot guarantee the removal of a HIA order. For the best chance of removal we would recommend a meeting with the HIA inspector, ourselves and the property owner. This will help to determine the best course of treatment and repair.
  • We are more than happy to provide a free of charge presentation to your staff at any time to explain the issue of Salt Damp and what symptoms they may see in their properties and the process of fixing it. To organise please call our office on 81321166.