Salt Damp Treatment

Salt Damp Treatment made easy

It sounds a bit corny we know, but Salt Damp doesn’t have to be a horror story. At Tech-Dry our goal is to offer you an easier, no mess, no stress salt damp treatment and repair.

We have been successfully treating Salt Damp throughout South Australia for over 30 years.  Our knowledge, experience and understanding of the problem means we can provide the best overall salt damp treatment solution.

Our staff are fully qualified employees who also undergo extensive in-house training.  This level of quality control means that we can back our treatment system with a 30 year guarantee.

What do Tech-Dry do?

The Salt Damp treatment begins with a free onsite inspection which is undertaken by Neil or David.  Getting someone out to inspect onsite is vitally important.  Firstly, because each property is different in age, construction, maintenance, siting etc. Secondly, because it is also important to determine the underlying cause of dampness in buildings.

In some cases the following can solve the problem without any need for treatment:

  • Maintenance
  • Increased drainage or plumbing improvements
  • Increased sub-floor ventilation
  • Lowering paths / paving around the perimeter of the home
  • Removal of garden beds that butt up against the walls.

But if these aren’t an option in your situation then the wall will need a new waterproof barrier.  Tech-Dry can provide you with a no-obligation quote on two different ways to do this:

1.     Insertion of a Chemical damp proof barrier:

The most common and easiest way is to drill a series of small holes into the base of one side of each wall and insert the Tech-Dry damp coursing cream into these holes.  Once in the holes, the cream reacts in the wall and spreads.  As the cream spreads it creates a waterproof barrier along the base of the wall.

This injection method is widely accepted as being the only suitable way of installing a new chemical barrier. It eliminates the possibilities of product being wasted or lost in cracks and voids.

The Tech-Dry cream is made in Australia and has been tested to make sure that it is suitable for the unique salty conditions that South Australia faces. It’s superior ingredients offers a greater coverage through saturated walls.  It is water-based and odour free providing a safer, friendlier option for our clients.

After treatment with the Tech-Dry cream a “dry-out period is required.  This gives trapped moisture and salts time to evaporate to the surface before undertaking further repairs.   The dry-out period specified relates to the thickness of the walls.   Neil and David explains this process at great lengths during the initial quotation.   For more information on repairs please read:   Salt Extraction / Plastering or Stonemasonry Repairs or check out our video:

2.     Undersetting:

Our qualified brick and stone masons can also completely underset your wall.   If a wall is too badly damaged for  injection to take place or if expressly recommended by an Heritage Advisor then undersetting may offer the best solution.

Undersetting involves the removal and replacement of the damaged and affected stone / brickwork. At the same time we install a new damp proof barrier at the base of the wall. As undersetting can remove the existing fabric of the building and often the stone can be impossible to match, it is only recommended in situations where drilling into the mortar will compromise the stability of the structure and the stones/bricks are too badly damaged to remain.