Restoration of Nic & Janet’s Stone Cottage – Adelaide.

Home restoration is never easy.  First, you need to get advice and then quotes, find a tradesman that is recommended and that will come on site as arranged.  Then you need to wade through the quotes, and check licences and seek feedback.  The process often takes a long time and can be very daunting.  It involves a lot of trust, understanding, and knowledge between the parties involved. As a homeowner I get it….  Our home is everything and I wouldn’t have just anyone repairing it.  

At Tech-Dry we see a lot of houses every day and as we often mention we feel very privileged to be trusted to be working inside and on the walls of our customers’ homes. We take the process seriously and want to ensure that our customers know that.  We like to make sure they understand what we are about to do every step of the way.

Nic and Janet’s restoration story

Nic and Janet were a prime example of this.  They knew they had Salt Damp in their old cottage, but a combination of factors had meant they hadn’t been able to look at the issue until now.  Add to this Janet had uncovered some of the stone underneath the crumbling external render and they wanted to see if the restoration of the original stone and façade was possible.  So, they gave us a call to see how we could help and to understand what was involved.  Finding someone they could trust to fix their home was very important to them.  

Not only were we able to help with the Salt Damp by installing a new barrier at the base of the wall to prevent further moisture and salts from rising into the wall.  We also had our team of qualified trades remove the damaged render, uncover the stone underneath and then lovingly restore the walls back to what they once were.   The process took many few months from the initial quote to the final restoration of the walls, but the result is more than worth it. The homeowners feel like they a new (old) cottage and it is now a perfect reflection of how it would have looked in the 1900’s and will last now for a long time to come. 

Why Tech-Dry SA?

This type of work is what we are experts at.  We understand the issues that these old walls face.  We understand the amount of salt in the old walls and exactly how important it is to get those salts out.  Our stonemasons are experts in matching mortar, mixing heritage approved lime mortars and ensuring the house looks like it once was. We spend a lot of time to ensure the job is done properly and will last.

As with all jobs, everyone was thrilled to be involved in Nic and Janet’s restoration project.  It was such a pleasure to see a 1900’s cottage being restored because we know what it looked like when we first saw it.  

By why not see for yourself and watch their story below.

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